Social Media Posting

Social media posting no longer has to be a mundane tasks that takes away from your valuable time of speaking with your existing and potential clients. We take the responsibility of social media posting off your daily list of tasks so you can do the bigger tasks inside of your business, which is growing and scaling it. Being a small business owner isn’t always an easy and small task. We totally get it. Let us as professionals help you take care of the social media content, that gets posted for you every single day. This valuable content will allow you to improve rapport with your fans and remind them that you still exist and that they should buy from you! If you skip this opportunity, clients may forget about you and decide to do business with a competitor who has a stronger online presence. What are you waiting for? Take action now and let us populate your social media for you so that next time someone goes on your page it’s not filled with dust and emptiness or 2013 posts.

Online marketing and promotions on Social Media

What You’ll Get

20 to 60 Posts Per Month

We believe that at the minimum you should post is 1 time per day on business days. This allows you to constantly keep your business in the minds of others. And it all starts by providing the value your fans deserve!

Related Content to your Business

We don’t just post anything. We post content that is based off your type of business. If you’re into marketing, law, education, science or anything else. We can post related content to that niche.

Use of Hashtags to Increase Reach

Hashtags are a great way to categorize your content that show up to anyone who is looking through those hashtags. This helps you get in front of new people by providing value to them.

Pick Any 3 Types of Topics

Pick the types of post topics you want us to cover. For example: Marketing Quotes, Business Law, Funny Memes, Productivity, Organizing and Cleaning, Business Accounting, Motivational Quotes/Articles, etc.

Add Additional Accounts

Add additional accounts for the posts we are doing so you get to distribute among all types of followers and not just 1 type of social platform. We utilize the networks that best speak to your audience.

6 Social Media Options

We offer posting services to Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, Google Plus, Tumblr and Instagram, all the most populated platforms. Feel free to contact us for a custom quote for any other platforms.