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A Social Media Agency that specializes in Social Media Management, Marketing and Posting Services.

The power of social media is expanding so rapidly that overlooking it as a business awareness and selling platform is a big mistake. Your perfect clients are on social media with all of their attention. We help you get in front of them, shifting their attention to your business in a very seamless way.

We help you provide value to your followers, clients and potential clients through many platforms including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, Tumblr and Google+. We believe in the motto, “Give value first, then ask for the sale.” That’s exactly what we help you do.

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Featured Projects

Social Activated helps Private Jet Charters with their Business Facebook Page

Private Jet Charters

We help them post 60 times a month and helped them gain 300+ likes on Facebook.

Social Activated help Mesh Attorneys with their Business Facebook Page

Mesh Attorneys

We help them post 60 times per month and get 6,000+ likes on Facebook.

Social Activated helps Courthouse Pitbulls with their Business Facebook Page

Courthouse Pitbulls

We help them post 40 times a month on Facebook.


  • I love the content they post on my social media, it’s great for my fans. Being in the marketing niche as a solo-entrepreneur can be difficult so their help was 100% necessary. Thank you.

    Wes Brown
    Loyal Client
  • Amazing service! This helped me so much with my business. I knew I needed social media but never had the time. Thanks to the Social Activated team for making it work for me!

    Jon Rickson
    Loyal Client
  • I love their motto, they helped me get my business back into shape. I would always try sell my services on social media and it would never work. Now I know why, no one likes being sold unless you’ve actually provided value to them. Thank you for the mind shift and help with my social media presence!

    Stefan T.
    Loyal Client
  • Thanks to Jack for helping me out with my page. First time I took social media seriously and got a great return with my existing and NEW clients!

    George Ramos
    Loyal Client
  • Wow! 6,000 likes on my facebook page was unreal. The most I ever had before was 126… Now I have 6,000! Great stuff. Thanks again for such a great service and being very responsive to my requests.

    Jake Craff
    Loyal Client