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How do you post on my social media?

Once we have some access to your business page, whether you provide us with editor access or the username and password, we start to post on a consistent basis depending on your package. If you order 20 posts a month, we will post 5 times a week on your business page.

Do you need to provide us with your password logins?

Not always. For example, with Facebook they allow you to add editors to your Facebook page with limited access so you never even have to share your Facebook password with anyone. Google Plus is very similar as well. But, for some account like Instagram, Tumblr and Twitter, it’s required that you provide us with password because there’s no other way we would be able to post for you without having access.

What guarantees do you have with your social media marketing?

For marketing we can only guarantee we can get your business in-front of a targeted audience, as well as, the number of people we can get you in front of. Also, we can help increase lead generation, but we can never really guarantee a sale. The sale all depends on you as a business owner, your sales abilities, your business itself, the products you offer and pricing you provide.

Do you offer custom campaigns for different needs?

Yes, we do offer a custom plan if you would like that. We try to be as flexible as possible to help meet your needs.

Do you off any other services?

Yes, we do also offer other services like SEO, Graphic design, Website development and Advertising for custom campaigns. This allows us be able to handle the entire campaign for you, so you don’t have to deal with more than 1 company or freelancer.

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