Who We  Are

We are a New York based Social Media and Marketing Agency. Our team is built with motivated and intuitive professionals, who have a passion for social media and all of it’s capabilities. Our client’s success and happiness, as well as, our delivery and reputation are our main priorities and objectives.

We believe social media growth and online presence is crucial in today’s changing world and we are always learning, adapting and growing at the speed, if not faster, with the changing environments. And we use that knowledge to help keep you in touch with these technologies and changes so you never get left behind and are always in communication with your clients and potential clients, growing your connection and rapport with them.

The way that we structure our services is in a very simple way, based off of strategies and custom plans as well, depending on your needs. Then, we adjust those needs to your specific business which allows our methods to work more effectively. Our project managers work closely together with you to greater understand your needs and visions for your business marketing and management in order to provide the best solution possible for you.Your need is our greatest priority and we do whatever we can to meet them and potentially exceed them.

Our Experience

Marketing - 12 years
Social Media Management - 10 years
Social Media Growth - 8 years
Data Analysis - 7 years

Principles of Our Work



We believe in committing to our work and your business in order to achieve the best result. I think once there is a commitment for making something work on both sides, everything becomes easier and more efficient.



Our character comes from our integrity in our fields and business. We want to always be straight forward with you so there’s always trust and great communication.



Our creativity is what keeps us sane and in motion. There can be many obstacles on the way to success, but it’s all about how creatively you can overcome those obstacles to get there and always persisting. We do our best to stay creative with our solutions and the approach to our work.



As we grow as a business, we understand that innovation is key in every field. Changes call for innovation, and innovation leads to progress. We make sure we are always committed to innovating and adapting to the ever changing environment.